Office/Marketing Coordinator

Katie Kime Job Opening:

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Office/Marketing Coordinator

Full time. $32K/year



About you…


You have been an assistant or played a support role at a previous organization

You are passionate about working in a home and fashion business.

You are organized and plan ahead, but you don’t get stressed out when things change at the last minute. Because they will. You roll with it.

You write things down. You document your process and maintain records so that if you got hit by a bus we we’ll be very sad but still able to continue operating.

 You are professional and presentable and greet everyone cheerfully.

You have a creative slant to your engineering mind.

 You are comfortable with the Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft suite of products or you can learn any new piece of software thrown your way.

 You’re eager to learn about new tools and ways to be more productive.

You get to Inbox Zero every day.

 You don’t gossip and have discretion.

 You have a cover letter and resume that demonstrates strong attention to detail and appreciation for a polished product.


You will help with...


Assist executive team with projects, events, and day to day activities

Assist with marketing activities, social media, email

 Reach out to influencers and potential partners about working with Katie Kime

Assist with event planning, photo shoots, video, podcasts

Assist customer service team with production, orders, and keeping the warehouse organized

Create templated art work to support new product releases

Assist the office manager in the cottage (home office) with keeping it organized and neat for customers and visitors

 Meet with B2B customers and provide samples and information on Katie Kime products

 Assist with office visits and rentals

 Coordinate the intern teams and projects they work on

 Assist with store operations, maintaining appearances and pop-ups


You’ll know you’re successful if…


All 3 Katie Kime locations are neat, organized and run smoothly

You can backup any employee at Katie Kime at any given time

You feel comfortable working with customers, executives, and coworkers

Everyone loves interacting with you