Print Library

Atlantic Blues
Bring your favorite coastal feel to any part of your home with the Atlantic Blues print.  currently available    
Find your way with the bold boho Arrows print. With its imperfect lines and large scale, this graphic watercolor design looks modern yet organic.  currently available 
West Palm Beach
Lush + vibrant colors come to life in this tropical print. Currently available 
This abstract watercolor print has a soft, natural look, making it a perfect base for mixing patterns.  Currently available 
Our hand-painted X's print offers a modern design, adding a touch of style and interest to any room or accent wall.  currently available 
Go bold with our Joyous print. This colorful, abstract design is sure to brighten up any space. Currently available 
Fun and whimsical print that will brighten up any space.  currently available 
Magnolia Sunset
Wrap your walls in warmth with fresh magnolia blossoms that embody the beauty of the south. currently available 
Medallion Leaves
A tropical print, perfect to bring outside in.
One of our bestselling prints, this cute camel design features a few of our favorite things: tassels, stripes, and bright colors. Currently available 
A whimsical and fun addition to any room! Currently available 
Elegant and glamorous, the Cheetahs print pairs nicely with a silk turban, red lipstick, and a stiff martini. currently available 
Cottage Stripes
Like a 1950s soda shop in a small beach town, this classic Americana striped print is sure to bring joy and a hint of nostalgia. Stripes are 4" wide in light blue, cream, light pink, yellow, white, and coral. Currently...
Inspired by a recent trip, Katie painted this Goddess. Beautiful and striking.  currently available 
Springy and fresh all year round!  Currently available 
Our hand-painted Pink Triangles wallpaper will add a splash of color, texture, and style to any room or accent wall. currently available 
Remy Dabs
Painted by Katie after her inspiring trip to Saint Remy where Van Gogh famously spent a year in retreat. This whimsical print mimics the strokes on a palette at the end of the prettiest painting. currently available 
These zebras are perfect for a laundry room, entryway, or child's room. Currently available 
Simple, yet striking, and never overbearing, these stripes are the perfect pop to elevate your life!  currently available 
Polka Dot
Let your walls do the talking with a classic Katie Kime Wallpaper print.  Currently available 
A part of the Classics Collection, our hand-painted Gingham print adds an artistic flair to a classic style.  Currently available