Welcome to Bright Living

Welcome to Bright Living

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Welcome to the new Bright Living blog. This has been in the works for a while, in my mind for the last year or so and more recently in the works with Zangrilli Creative, with the recently-expanding team at Katie Kime, and with the contributors, I’m excited to introduce you to. For some time I’ve imagined expounding upon the thread that runs between style and substance. All of us perusing the world of fashion, be it apparel or home, via blogs, Pinterest, Instagram and the like, I believe share something deeper in common: we care about beautiful things. What I mean is that I believe the majority of girls I know that love beautiful homes and flowy pink caftans and lucite bar carts and all things brass-embellished are also living real lives with real hopes and fears. They’re smart and engaged. They have insecurities and boundless capabilities. What I’ve imagined for some time is that this blog would be a place where all of those can exist together and in a more dynamic, exciting, interesting way than only one of them would be without the other.  I liked the title (and newly acquired tagline), as a double entendre of sorts. We are known for adding bright colors to our products and rooms. We also believe in being an engaged, illuminating person in the world and all that that entails. So Bright Living to me means just that. Style and substance…

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So that is what we have set out to do. It will be ever-evolving as we navigate this new platform but a journey I believe will be well worth it. As you may surmise from the section titles above, we’ll run the gamut. We’ll attempt DIYs and new cocktail recipes and we’ll talk about balancing work with family and what it means for a woman (or man) to navigate entrepreneurship in 2015. We’ll take fabulous home tours and travel to the ends of the earth and talk about management skills and resume building. We’ll read books and discuss pop culture and maybe even politics (gasp), while following the ins and outs of new collections we’re designing and what inspires them, how we make them and where you can buy them. We’ll interview fellow designers and try to learn as much as we can from all of the smart, creative people we can find while shamelessly indulging in styles and trends and weekends out with friends.

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We hope to be a place you can go for design inspiration.

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Or a place to find a new recipe when you decide to host a last-minute Saturday soiree. Like this recent recipe from Liz.

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Or a place to discover new ideas and tips on things like juggling a career and family as Natalie shares here.


We hope we’ll become one of your trusted sources for design and creativity, insights and insider tips, humor and humility, fresh perspectives and new inspiration. Mostly, we hope in due time to be a part of your daily routine, to share a cup of (virtual) joe with you in the morning or help you wind down at the end of a long day.

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Whatever you may be looking for, we’re glad you’re here. Welcome to Bright Living.

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