Waking Up with Jen Pinkston

Waking Up with Jen Pinkston

I love to hear about the routines of productive people who have figured out the secret formula for getting more done in a day, especially when it comes to morning rituals. Former stylist to the stars turned blogger and influencer behind TheEffortlessChic.com (and mother of two), Jen Pinkston is one of those who seems to have already checked everything off her to-do list before most people have even fully downed their first cup of coffee. Clad in our Camel Pajama Shirt with her go-to morning beverage (an almond milk latte) served up in our new in check tumbler, we got Jen’s top five tips for starting the day off right.

Set Yourself Up For Success the Night Before: Every night before I go to bed, I make sure the house is tidy, and my clothes are hung. I also go through my Google calendar for the next day and set out a to-do list for the following day. All of the above helps ensure that I don’t wake up in a panic.


Wake Up On Purpose: With little kids, it’s easy to let them be my alarm clock, but setting my alarm and being intentional about waking early sets the day off on the right path.

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Put the phone away: I wake up, make coffee, read the news on my phone and do a quick catch up of any texts or emails that I may have missed the night before—I go to bed early! Then I put the phone away until after preschool drop-off.


Have a Routine: I’m not naturally a routine person, but having one for those first two hours in the morning of getting kids and myself ready for the day makes a huge difference!


Don’t Take Your Sleep For Granted: I mentioned earlier that I go to bed early, and it’s true! I know that in order to function at my best that I need eight hours a night and am pretty rigid about making sure that happens most nights. Binge-watching Netflix at night always seems like a good idea until the alarm goes off the next day!

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