Unexpected Prints: Lemons + Polka Dots

Unexpected Prints: Lemons + Polka Dots

Vintage prints, like this one of lemon vines, are my go-to when I am needing inspiration for a new pattern.  I was drawn to the clusters of lemons in this image and the contrast of the bright yellow and sage green. When I envisioned our guest bathroom decor, I knew I wanted something classic and playful and this worked. Keep scrolling for more images and our install video.

Lemon Inspiration

vintage lemon print
Vintage lemon print inspiring my newest pattern which in its first favorite form before the wallpaper was in our apparel line.

Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 7.23.33 PM

Lemons & Polka Dots

I wanted to give our guests something that would brighten their mood when they awoke for the day. I think the lemon print definitely hit the mark. They are bright and have the perfect pop of color against the darker shades of navy in the bedroom.

Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 7.33.24 PM

Black and white is a classic touch.

Black and white is a staple in my designs and here I added the black and white polka dot curtains and cornice to contrast the lemons. I am currently loving polka dots and I feel they really never go out of style. This bathroom is on the small side and hanging the cornice and curtains gave the room height without closing it in.

Katie Kime Bathroom Lemon
The black and white polka dot curtains give the small room layers of texture.

Accents are everything.

I integrated gold accents by using gold lampshades and a golf cart. Again, this room is small so the lights are light and airy. Around the pedestal sink, I had custom sage green skirts made.  On the gold cart, I have everything stocked for my guests, including Altoids.

lemon bathroom
Here is a full view of the bathroom – including the gold light fixture and skirt around the sink

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