Travel Often Gift Guide

Travel Often Gift Guide

Gifting is hard for those who would rather be given an experience than an item, but here are some of Katie's favorite gifts to give the avid traveler in your life!  

1. Kula Coffee 

On my last visit to Rwanda I visited this operation. It's female founded and run by Rwandans. It is such an incredible company that believes that "charity will not eradicate poverty, business will." Coffee is their main product, though while I was there I snagged an amazing vase and skirt made by their sewing program.

2.KK Passport Holder and Luggage Tag

These are one of my favorite gift sets that we make. Vegan leather, made to order and printed in Austin, Texas by our hardworking team. So much more goes into taking this on your next trip than one would imagine!

3. Mark and Graham Packing Cube Set 

My husband would probably laugh at seeing this on a gift guide of mine. He's convinced that no matter how organized I may pack, once I'm to a destination the hurricane ensues nonetheless. Hey, a girl can dream!

4. Portable Smartphone Printer

I always take a journal when I travel. And often when I'm back I from the trip I add photos or plane tickets or memorabilia to it. But to have this along to be able to do it in real time would make for such more expansive memory keeping. 

5. KK AirPods Case

This is probably my top gift to give this year. I think they're so unique and I haven't seen a lot of them. And in a family like ours where there are always white AirPods cases floating around this solves that problem quickly and chicly!

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