Town of Sconset

Town of Sconset

Summer and adventure time is finally here! After arriving in the renowned Nantucket, Massachusetts, our journey was in light of true tourists. We hopped on a rental bike and braved the scenic 7-mile ride to a remote, gorgeous little village called Sconset, or Sciasconsetfor those not lucky enough to be locals. Compromised of not much more than a local post office, endless fishing and the most beautiful, quaint beaches you’ve ever seen, Sconset stole my heart.

This town began in the late 17th century as an old fishing town, known as “Auld Lang Syne”. The iconic whaling history of Sconset was a major influence in the one-of-a-kind, distinctive architecture that you will find here. These adorable cottages were originally used as fishing houses, and then changed into summer homes for tourists to rent! They look like mini candy-land houses with perfect views of the crashing waves ahead.

The smell of the fresh ocean air was enough for us to add this on the bucket-list a second time! Next, we headed into town for lunch and indulged in the most delicious seafood at CRU! Be sure to try the seafood salad sandwich! Nom!

After lunch, we recommend you head over to Bartlett’s Farm for farm-to-table fresh foods and beautiful, wildflowers. The farm is comprised of a fresh market, fields and a gourmet kitchen.

Our next adventure led us to explore Sconset’s hidden gem, Coskata-Coatue Wildlife Refuge. Nestled amongst the picturesque coastline, the refuge homes every animal from deer to several species of crab.

Jealous of the seals basking in the warm sun, we made our way toward the beach and joined them to catch some rays and experience pure, blissful peace.

There is nothing quite like this little village. We hope to stop back again one day for the screensaver-like views and the wonderful hospitality.

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