The Summer Spot

The Summer Spot

Every year, around March or early April, I get a hankering for my summer spot. It could be your backyard pool with dear friends and cold beverages, it could be the weekly outdoor showings of classic films in your town center, or it could be in the rocking chair on your front porch. For me, it’s this tiny beach in a small town in Maine. As July draws closer, I am consumed with memories of growing up on this beach – looking for sea glass, reading Little Women for the first time, meeting up with friends from the summer before – all recollections that bring me so much joy.

I head that way in a few days, and I am over the moon. My packing list has been my main priority. I will be working in a sweet flower shop and helping with their gardens so old tees and worn-in denim are essentials. KK Kaftans, chunky knit sweaters, and my trusty Sperry topsiders are also coming with me!

What are your special summer spots? Any packing necessities?

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