The Story of The KK Truck: A Bittersweet Farewell

It’s a bittersweet day here at KK. We are saying goodbye to the beloved KK truck. We are excited to see it go to another budding female entrepreneur who intends to turn it into a boutique and it comes at a time when we have outgrown our need for it. Originally used for deliveries and installations around Austin, we now have a volume of exports that has surpassed accommodating deliveries in-house. That’s a good thing but there is nostalgia for the time in life and in the business when I bought the truck. It’s one of those remember when moments. And as I think back on it I smile fondly, even laugh out loud a bit…

Back in the day when I was a one-man show I would rent U-hauls on a weekly, sometimes daily basis as I took a new piece to be upholstered or picked up a new furniture sample I had designed, or my favorite days of all when I was delivering a custom KK piece to an Austin customer. I was spending so much non-marketable money on renting trucks that I wondered if I might be able to get my own and use it for marketing and advertising too. First I got on Google to figure out what these trucks are officially called so I would know how to search them. Turns out they’re called step vans. Then I did what anyone would do. I got on Craigslist. I never ceased to be amazed at what one can find down that rabbit hole and a plethora of available step vans was no exception. After various inquiries and drive-by viewings all over town, I decided my best option was with a lady in Dimebox, Texas, population 200. So I drove the 70 miles east to the small farm where it was and took it for a test drive. We made a handshake deal that day and a few weeks later she delivered it to Austin in exchange for a cash-filled envelope.

The next step was wrapping its originally red exterior in a KK print. And learning to drive it of course which I did alone down I-35 many many times. There’s no radio or air conditioning but she’s always gotten the job done…

Since then it has delivered furniture, served mimosas out of its back, broken down, and been fixed and fixed again, among other things. She was a family member of sorts and we’ll miss her. But as the cycle of life (and entrepreneurship goes), onward and upward.


Saying goodbye (and thank you) to the KK truck

Above: Before

Below: the KK truck waiting for its new owner in front of our new downtown office.

Katie Kime Truck Goodbye

Below: I will miss the truck but will not miss driving it.

Katie Kime Truck Goodbye

Onward and upward…

Katie Kime Truck Goodbye

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