The Silver Linings of Sacrifice

Katie Kime Stationery

A few weeks back we found out my husband has been selected to serve as a JAG Officer in the Texas Army National Guard, an honor only 30 or so other people in the state of Texas currently hold and requires over a year of applying and waiting. If you don’t know what a JAG officer is, think Tom Cruise and “you can’t handle the truth”, (but less dramatic and much taller). Once the Army is ready (see note above about waiting a year), he will go to Army law college and officer school for 4.5 months or approximately half a pregnancy, which looking back I don’t remember what that felt like, but I do remember towards the end I just wanted it to be over and many glasses of wine.

Katie Kime Substance

When I have told a friend or family member the news, the most common question I get is “How do you feel about it?”. Maybe its because we are in our 30’s, maybe because we have 2 little ones, or maybe it is the thought of the sacrifices I must make to support the decision. The way I look at it,  I have a very small sacrifice to pay for my husband to serve this country in a unique and amazing way and to better our family in the long run. It's not much different from a mother taking maternity leave and asking her team to pick up the slack so she can experience the joys of having a baby.

Katie Kime Substance

This news has already affected us in so many positive ways. My husband started running to get in Army shape and his will to push through has rubbed off on my “can’t stand to run” attitude and I’m hitting the trail too. I gave up bread for Lent (seriously it is so hard to avoid bread items for 40 days) in a move to prepare for losing my better half for 145 days. Our work, family, and friends have already offered an amazing amount of support, who also have to make their own small sacrifices in support of us. I feel an immense amount of gratitude for being given the opportunity to take on this new adventure and the small price to pay will only benefit our souls and spirits in the long run.


P.S. A special thanks to all of the men and women who serve this great nation and their families and communities who support them.

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