Thailand Adoption Journey - Part 1

Thailand Adoption Journey - Part 1

Kate here, store manager at Katie Kime.

I told the tale of our Thailand trip last year, which is where our journey will take us again soon, this time to the arms of a child who needs a mom and dad.

My husband and I decided to pursue international adoption this past December, actually on Christmas Eve. It is something we’ve always known we wanted to do and the chips finally fell into place when I felt that the time was right and my husband agreed completely. Our story is unusual in that our journey is not born out of infertility issues, but rather a passion for taking up the cause of orphans and those who are marginalized by society.


Our visit to Thailand in April 2015
Our visit to Thailand in April 2015, wearing purple in honor of the princess.

I am excited to share more about this journey as progress is made. To start, I’ll answer some of the most common questions I’ve heard so far.

  1. Why Thailand?

A couple of reasons. First, my husband is half Thai. Adopting from Thailand would keep Thai heritage in our family and our future son or daughter will be lucky enough to have a Thai grandmother who can keep their culture alive for them. There are also some unfortunate statistics surrounding human trafficking out of Thailand. Many children are sold into slavery at very young ages, especially little girls. For this reason, we would love to be able to adopt a daughter. We are keeping our options open, though, for a son as well.

  1. Isn’t it expensive?

You betcha! One of the most crucial parts of adoption (unless you have $25,000+ lying around) is fundraising. I was relieved to find out the wide range of activities you can do to raise money AND how eager many friends and family members are to help. Our first event will be a crawfish boil this spring and we also plan to sell t-shirts later this year!



  1. How did you get started and what is the process like?

The first steps of the process have included: choosing an agency (we went with Holt International), applying with that agency and then once you receive initial approval, choosing a home study agency who will assign a caseworker to you. From there, you must compile what feels like never-ending paperwork and documents and go through interviews and home studies. We just recently completed our home study process! The next step is waiting for a match to come through. This can take anywhere from 6-9 months.


Plaids on plaids in our Christmas card photo from last year, which we can't wait to add a third little face to!
Plaids on plaids in our annual Christmas card photoshoot, which will soon feature three of us!


Stay tuned for more on this adventure!

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