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I’m excited to share with you the beginning of the Austin Entrepreneur Series. Over the next 10 weeks, we’ll highlight 10 female Austinites making their own business paths, one way or another. I got this idea from my interns who, as college students, would tell me there is a plethora of design and fashion content throughout social media and the web but the actual “how do you do this as a young woman” part is scarcely mentioned. Of course, there is no formula but over the next few weeks I hope the stories and learned lessons shared here by some remarkable women, will inform and inspire you as they have me.


This series begins with a girl wise beyond her years, down to earth, kind, hard-working and oh, a great designer. Her lessons learned were great reminders for me. Meet Megan.


KK: When did you know you wanted to go out on your own and venture into the world of interior design?

MG: Interior design was always a part of me.  I would reach for the interior design magazines while my friends and sisters reached for the newest fashion or gossip magazines. It was a way I was wired. I was intrigued by it, drawn to it. In my head, I always saw myself venturing out on my own.  It took time to get there, time I had to wait to be primed, practiced, & become experienced. After working for a designer for a few years, I took a year to work in London. Upon my return it was as clear I was ready to venture out on my own — Guess it was finally time!


KK: How would you describe your aesthetic or style?

MG: I have an aesthetic that reflects clean lines, cool neutral colors mixed with taking risks with bold colors here and there. I enjoy mixing the old & new – a bit of traditional statements intermixed with a warm modern feel.



KK: With the world of blogs, Pinterest and social media around design, what are the challenges you see with being a young interior designer? How does it benefit you in your career?

MG: Oh, the world of social media! I love it. Truly do, I spend hours scrolling, flipping, reading, coveting….Throwing my interior design business into this world, being on the other side, is challenging because it is a constant. People are continuously on social media. Making a mark is a constant effort. I decided to get my business under control, set a foundation. Then, buckle down and face social media. My thoughts are, do what you can do. Start off slowly. Do not try to be the “best blog you have ever seen” just be what you can handle. Notice your strengths in the social media world and do those properly. I have a website, Instagram and post images on Facebook. These have worked for me thus far.


KK: What advice would you give those wanting to get into interior design?

MG: The world of interior design is vast. There are quite a few routes one can take. This is quite a beneficial reality as one can find the niche that is just right for them. Get as much experience as you can. Intern with a few different designers to see how they operate (design, business & coordinate). These lessons will serve you well. Interior design is lovely. If it is your dream, walk to the edge and go for it.

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