Sunburst Mirror diy

Sunburst Mirror diy

I think spring is finally here to stay! To celebrate the long-awaited arrival of spring, I decided to bring some new life to my space and to freshen things up with some new decor. What better way to add a personal touch than with a good DIY project. One piece I have been dying to add to my apartment is a sunburst mirror, so to celebrate the return of Texas sun (give me a month or two and I’ll probably be begging for a break) this week I am finally taking on the sunburst mirror project.



Circular mirror (I found mine at Hobby Lobby for 50% off!)

Craft wood sticks (I used 6 packs)

Painters tape

Hot glue gun & glue

Gold spray paint

and I added tin foil to help cover the mirror when I spray pained!



1.) On the back of your mirror, using painters tape mark out an asterisk shape that will help guide where you will place your craft sticks.

Sunburst Mirror DIY KK


2.) Plug in your hot glue gun and once it has had to heat up, start gluing down your sticks. I found that the best way to do this was by doing sections at a time. I would glue a section and put the sticks in groups.

Sunburst Mirror DIY KK

3.) Work your way around the mirror placing the stick in different lengths. You may have to go back and re-glue some of the sticks.

Sunburst Mirror DIY KK

4.) Once the glue has dried, use the tin foil to ensure that the front of the mirror is covered and protected from the spray paint.

Sunburst Mirror DIY KK

5.) Spray paint the mirror. I would say it is good to do at least two coats, if not three just to be safe. Then do a final coat of sealer.

Sunburst Mirror DIY KK

There you have it! Your new, chic spring mirror is ready to hang and bring some new life into your space. Happy spring!

Sunburst Mirror DIY KKSunburst Mirror DIY KK


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