Showstopper - The Katie Kime ACL Platinum Lounge

Showstopper - The Katie Kime ACL Platinum Lounge

ACL Platinum lounge this year was one for the books! Decked out from top to bottom, this year’s design by Katie Kime harmonized perfectly with the invigorating sounds of the festival. A classic lineup of colors, textures, and patterns made for an eye-catching design. Gold accents and earthy greens popped next to the bold contrast of black and white prints. We wanted to make it feel lush and everything tied together beautifully.


ACL Mood Boards 

Black and white stripes, golden framed mirrors, bringing the outdoors in and the indoors out, and stylish bartenders inspired the final Katie Kime Showroom look. We wanted to welcome the platinum guests who have impeccable taste with the feeling of being at one of the world's finest hotels. Lush greens, clean whites, and classic blacks were the anchors of the look for the ACL Platinum lounge.

Behind the Curtain

Getting Spiffy, Looking Sharp 

Best dressed at the festival? From dressing the bartenders and concierge in short sleeve oxfords with our favorite seeing spots on the pocket to Katie’s hairstyle by the hairstylists on-site for the Platinum guests, the Showroom definitely had some head-turning style.


The Katie Kime Showroom Reveal   

When ACL Platinum guests enter the lounge, they are greeted by a concierge who will take care of their every need. We used our black palms pillows as accents on the white leather furniture. Zebra cowhides anchored the concierge desk.

The big drum lampshades hanging from the ceiling with some draped fabric masked the fact that we were in a tent. It made the whole space feel warm and inviting. The faux boxwood wall anchored the bars which featured headliner Jay-Z's VSOP cognac D’USSÉ.

We covered the leather edge of our bar with seeing spots to tie in with the shirts the bartenders wore.

We were excited to collaborate with a local artist Keith Kreeger to create some custom pieces for the ACL Platinum lounge. His vases and trays were certainly the finishing touches the lounge needed. 

KK Koozies for all of the guests in black and white. Sitting in a Keith Kreeger original tray.
Keith Kreeger

We used our seeing spots peel and stick wallpaper and some custom black frames to anchor the back wall of the space. We then added mirrors in a repeating pattern.  ACL

We scored 2 giant palm trees from Hill Country Water Gardens which filled the center of the room and divided the dining tables in the middle. Filled with other large potted plants we created height and airiness to the room that was key.




Bringing the inside out

Outside we used more black and white features and striped pillows.
Chef Tim Love runs the show and each day a featured chef comes to help out. Aaron Sanchez was the main event on Saturday.
Don Julio served up custom cocktails out of a vintage truck.


We had a hairstyling team on site for the guests all weekend which was a major perk. Eva Lena out of Fort Worth Texas


That’s A Wrap

We wrapped up ACL week on the viewing deck watching Jay Z working on his soundcheck. I think the eyes tell it all how much we worked on this, but in the end, everyone from the guests, ACL, and the team were over the moon with the results. Weekend 2 is here tomorrow and we are ready!



Photography by Katie Johnson

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