Picnic Basket Summer Ready DIY

Picnic Basket DIY KK

There is no better way to spend the summer than outdoors with the people you love. One of my favorite ways to spend summer afternoons and evenings is by having a picnic. I stumbled across a DIY picnic basket project recently on Pinterest, and I immediately knew that I had to do own of my own. A fair warning, though, this project takes longer than most of my other projects…but the time commitment is worth the results!

Picnic Basket KK


• Hinge lid basket (I found this basket at Michael’s)

• Elastic fabric ( I was pleasantly surprised with how many colors and designs that were available)

• E6000

• Scissors

• Button or jewel ( for the button on the front of the basket)

• Cork (for the backboard)

• Fabric strips


Picnic Basket KK


1.) The first step is to measure out the different lengths of elastic you need for all the utensils and items that you want to bring on your picnic.

2.) Once you have measured the different lengths, cut the pieces and glue them using E6000. After gluing, set aside to dry.

Picnic Basket DIY KK

3.) To best attach the elastic pieces for the texture of the basket I purchased, I decided to cut a piece of cork that would allow more secure attachment to the basket. This piece of cork is from Ikea.

4.) To add some color to the basket, I cut slits into the cork using a box cutter and strung the fabric strips through.

5.) Once you’ve gotten all the fabric strips through, attach the elastic you previously cut using super glue.

Picnic Basket DIY KK

6.) I attached the cork backboard by tying the fabric strips, but if there is another method you would prefer go for it- this attachment definitely depends on the type of basket you have. Picnic Basket KK

7.) I then glued the fabric edges together on the top of the basket.

Picnic Basket KK

8.) In order to attach the front button, I tied and glued elastic. Once the elastic fabric is dry, I glued the button to the elastic. And voila!

Picnic Basket KK

Picnic Basket KK


There are so many options with this project, and it was great to make the exact personalizations you want. Now of to my picnic!

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