Our Favorite Gift Wrap Ideas

Our Favorite Gift Wrap Ideas

Inspiring DIY gift wrap for the holidays.

Gift wrap and the accompanying accouterment doesn’t have to be daunting and can be even relaxing. To me, nothing is more fun than putting the kids to bed, popping a bottle of Pinot, and wrapping gifts while watching my favorite Christmas movies. We scoured Pinterest to find some of our favorite gift wrap ideas that are sure to inspire this holiday. Give the gift of eye-catching paper and you can cover up any gift fails you might have had. Enjoy and happy wrapping!

Natural objects make a wonderful accent on craft or plain paper wrapping.

Velvet ribbon adds a luxurious look, texture and sophistication to any gift.

Washi tape utilized in gift wrapping is an instant win with me! Whether the tape is creating a design or used to tape a gift-topper in place, washi tape adds color and pizzaz to any gift.


Wrap a gift in a decorative tea towel for the two-in-one gift.


Add buttons, brooches or earrings as a present topper. Rummage through your craft drawers for unique or vintage adornments.



Give your holiday gifting a modern spin by creating paper bows instead of classic ribbons. Handmade bows are easy to personalize with tissue paper or wrapping paper.

Minimalist or show-stopper, adding greenery to your gifts is as easy as foraging in the back yard. Sprigs of evergreens, rosemary, red berries, or pine cones are always a favorite DIY gift wrapping spruce up!


Banana Leaves Gift WrapPink Beetle Gift WrapOrange Zebra Gift WrapGeometric Gift Wrap

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