My New Commitment To Bright Living

My New Commitment To Bright Living

Hello! I’ve been so MIA from this blog recently, relying on some wonderfully organized and stylish contributors to carry the weight which I am grateful for. However, that was not my intention when we launched this a few months ago and I’m realizing now why I want to have a new commitment to its content and contributions and how I plan to do it. I suppose I thought that beautifully edited images and poetic prose would just jump magically onto the page each week or at the very most with a good 30-minute sit-down here and there (try 1-2 hours minimum for a truly compelling post). But the truth is while everyone and their mother “has a blog” these days, there’s a reason a very small percentage of those actually garner a true readership. It’s because good blogs demand good content constantly. And that takes time. The time that I’ve been having a hard time finding. As I write this, 3 kids are asleep upstairs, I can hear Greg snoring in the next room and I just popped a bag of pop-corn, cracked a diet coke open (it would normally be wine but I’m on a 30-day hiatus) and forced myself to start typing. After I finish this I’ll crawl into bed with headphones and watch at least one more episode of Sons of Anarchy (which I just discovered for the first time on Netflix), to steal a few moments of mindless solitude until I doze off for 5-6 hours before Halle (4) crawls onto my stomach to wake me up or yells at the door that she’s “sooo huunwy” (hungry).


In the business we are raising capital, finalizing partnership agreements, hiring new people, moving into a new office, building out and opening our flagship retail store, facilitating cutting edge processes with fabric and printing technologies, designing new collections, planning for Fall. We are exploring Holocracy and a new way to organize and run a growing company, had one trunk show Thursday and have another one tomorrow. At home I am designing rooms and spaces and doors and library shelves, always a little overwhelmed when I look around me at how long it will take to really be what I want it to be. We are planning 6-8 month outdoor renovation and trying to figure out what walls to move where upstairs for 3 kids and a hypothetical future child. And then there are the (existing) kids and all the glorious chaos that entails. Plays and homework and rainbow day and pajama day and conference day and field day. Ballet, soccer, football and basketball every single week. Bedtimes, baths, hurt feelings, happy feelings, questions and more questions and more questions. And. More. Questions. There is a summer calendar with so many camps it’s dizzying, exotic vacations up in the air and, oh that little thing called engagement that requires a…wedding.

Before rolling your eyes and waiting on the violin to appear, let me say that while recently I have convinced myself that those are all of the reasons I don’t have time for this blog, it is actually the reason I wanted to start it. I wanted this to be a place where all of the ups and downs of entrepreneurship and family life and being a woman and a friend and leader and lover and daughter and every other role I (and you) play, could be shared and explored and talked about in an honest and interesting way. The aforementioned busyness actually doesn’t hold at all for why I may neglect this from time to time. In reality, it is all of the content I need for the rest of the year at my fingertips to keep Bright Living with all the style and substance I could ever want it to have.


So I’m back people. Rather, maybe I’m here for the first time. I don’t know where this road will take us, what all we will cover or explore or find but I’m excited about it. Often the things that we’re sure we don’t have time or energy for are the very things that help us get on track. Sometimes the things we’re sure are just one more requirement of us end up giving us the most life and beauty back. That was my vision for Bright Living in the beginning, it still is and I think it’s time I get on with it.

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