Monday Motivation: Envisioning the Shot

Monday Motivation: Envisioning the Shot

This past weekend I returned to my alma mater for a mother/daughter basketball trip with friends of ours and to show our nine-year-old’s their first Duke game. I’ve been a basketball fan all of my life and a large part of my adolescence was spent in a gym. I too always thought I was gonna make the shot and when there were only seconds left I always wanted the ball.

Monday Motivation

As I’ve gotten older and the stakes higher I feel like I’ve lost some of that.  While reading about Coach Knot the plane I started perusing some of his most notable quotes. And this one was exactly the reminder I need of that quality that I know is inside of me but can be hard to find at times. The idea of positive thinking and envisioning positive outcomes continue to gain not only popularity among coaches and health gurus but even in the field of neuroscience. It seems there is in fact, something to it, even neurologically. Read more here. So today I’m challenging myself to envision positive outcomes in some pretty challenging situations. Some are in business, some are in my personal life. I challenge you to find one area – a big one like your marriage or job or health to a small one like what you’re eating or exercise habits will be this week – and envision the exact outcome you want happening. And do that every time you expect the worst. What do you have to lose? Happy Monday!

I always won in my imagination quote - Coach K MotivationDuke with the girls - motivation

Duke wins the game monday motivation

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