Merry Christmas From Our Team To Yours

Merry Christmas from our team to yours, be it your colleagues, dogs, family or some combination of  – whatever your team may be – Merry Christmas.  Man, where does a year go? That’s a topic for another time so I’ll keep it brief but mostly this year I think my greatest wish, both for those of you reading this as well as MOSTLY FOR MYSELF and my family is best summed up in the quote below by Mary Jean Iron.  I started marinating on it (again) after a phone conversation this past week with one of my closest girlfriends as she traveled home for the holidays. Lamenting some things going on in each of our lives that were hanging over our heads – think work, boys, babies, the whole gamut, the conversation also took a poignant turn beyond those. We began talking about the idea that regardless of the currently 70-something (and as far as we know healthy) parents we’re headed to visit, the children we’re sleep-deprived to plan Santa for, and/or the spouse we haven’t the slightest clue what to buy for, there is in all of these one thing in common. And that is the idea that probably one day, whatever it is those feel like today, at some point we’ll want them back. It feels safe to say that we all wish for a time that no longer is. When that friendship was intact, or that relationship wasn’t estranged or those parents were still married or that person was still alive. And many more scenarios I am sure I cannot conceive of.  But despite the story or content, perhaps to know in the present moment that this is a moment you will one day long for – to grasp that idea while the moment still exists – is something amazing that few really ever do or experience. That is my Christmas wish. For me as much as anyone. Normal day let me be aware…




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