Meet the KK Interns - Who What Wear

Meet the KK Interns - Who What Wear

Fall 2017 Interns: Who What Wear

Introducing Katie Kime’s Fall 2017 interns! Get the scoop on who, what, and wear.


Ally Aiken

Internship Position: Operations Intern

Hometown // University: Houston, TX // University of Texas

Specialties: Excel, textile merchandising 

Describe your style in 3 words: bright, comfortable, boho-chic  

Favorite outfit, head to toe? A bright colorful dress with fun shoes, preferably a platform since I’m short! I also love accessories and am always wearing rings, earrings, and a necklace. 

Who’s your style icon? Julia Roberts 

First fashion memory: Trying to choose the cutest outfit that my American Girl Doll and I could match in. 

Favorite thing to do in Austin? Run on Town Lake! 

Where would wanderlust take you first? Venice, Italy

Fashion faux pas? Highwater jeans 

Favorite cocktail: Red wine sangria 

Favorite kk pattern? Ginger Jars 

What next?/Dream job? Graduation- May 2018! My dream job is to do supply chain/buying for a clothing or home decor company. 

 Carmen Maria Viloria

Internship Position: Graphic Design Intern 

Hometown // University: From Maracay, Venezuela grew up in Longview, Texas // St. Edward’s University

Specialties: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign 

Describe your style in 3 words: simple, tomboyish, casual

Favorite outfit, head to toe? A grey t-shirt, jeans and sneakers, and a jean jacket, simple gold necklaces, and earrings.

Who’s your style icon? Zoe Kravitz

First Fashion Memory: When I was like 6 I had these little red sneakers and they were the only shoes that I ever wanted to wear. Even with my parents’ constant nagging, I wore them until my toes made a hole in them because they wouldn’t fit anymore… oops. I also used to call shoes “po pones” lol.  

Favorite thing to do in Austin? Eat at food trucks

Where would wanderlust take you first? I’ve been to many places, but I haven’t and have always wanted to visit London.

Fashion faux pas? Those Jesus sandals that everyone likes to wear now

Favorite cocktail? Gin and tonic with a cherry

Favorite kk pattern? Palms

What next?/Dream job? I want to go to graduate school next for industrial design or User Experience Design/Research, maybe for Advertising. I’ve always wanted to be a product designer, but I’m still figuring it all out.


Chelsea Pribble

Internship Position: Marketing Intern

Hometown // University: Austin, TX  // University of Texas

Specialties: Content writing, digital media  

Describe your style in 3 words: classic + haute, versatile  

Favorite outfit, head to toe? pencil skirt with a classic cut shirt or bodysuit, dress it down or up with booties or heels plus minimal accessories.  

Who’s your style icon? Rosie Huntington-Whiteley  

First fashion memory: I was four years old throwing a fit at the top of the stairs. My mom had put me in these floral bellbottoms and I refused to go out in them. After that, I insisted I pick out my own clothes. 

Favorite thing to do in Austin? Dinner & drinks at Justine’s on the patio. Or hiking at the Greenbelt. 

Where would wanderlust take you first? Back to a childhood home in Zug, Switzerland  

Fashion faux pas? Flip flops with socks

Favorite cocktail? Old fashioned      

Favorite kk pattern? Goddess 

What next?/Dream job? Applying to jobs and working on music and blog projects! I want to create content for a creative company, preferably in the realm of fashion or entertainment. And record a full-length album!  


Logan Landry

Internship Position: Operations Intern

Hometown // University: Dallas // University of Texas

Specialties: photography, organization and craft projects

Describe your style in 3 words: chill, classic, minimalistic 

Favorite outfit, head to toe? High bun, button-down, jeans and fun sneakers.

First fashion memory: I made a pact with a school friend in elementary school to not wear purple or pink. One day she came to school with a purple skirt on and I didn’t talk to her for a week haha. 

Who’s your style icon? Olivia Palermo

Favorite thing to do in Austin? Listening to live music or going out on the lake

Where would wanderlust take you first? Right now, I’m into Japan 

Fashion faux pas? Visible bra straps 

Favorite cocktail? Moscow mule  

Favorite kk pattern? Seeing Spots 

What next?/Dream job? A great question hah..truly have no idea yet, but I’ve always wanted to “start something” in some way or another which sounds super vague I know, but that’s the goal! And hopefully, it involves traveling!

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