#kkcocktailhour: French 75

#kkcocktailhour: French 75

It’s time to kick off the last weekend of SXSW the right way with a morning alternative. Rather than go with the usual morning go-to mimosa, we at Bright Living decided to mix things up with a morning French 75. French 75 KK Cocktail Hour

French 75/strong Ingredients:
Juice of 1 Lemon,
2 Sugar cubes,
1 1/2 oz. Gin,
Peel a thin slice of lemon peel. Put gin in a shaker and add two sugar cubes then muddle. Strain mixture into two glasses and then add champagne. Twist the peel over the glass and drop in.


French 75 KK Cocktail Hour

Events to Attend Today

The Full Irish Breakfast

BD Riley’s.  204 E 6th St. 11:00- 6:00 PM


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