KK Holiday: Gift Wrapping with a Twist

KK Holiday: Gift Wrapping with a Twist

I love to add a new element to my Holiday gift wrapping each year. As a kid, I used to cover my hands and feet in paint and walk all over white paper to personalize my gifts. Nowadays I try to find something easier and less messy.  My gifts this year will be a little less traditional and a lot more colorful. I’ll show you how!

step-1-in-gift wrapping

I am using the Katie Kime Coral Gingham paper to make my presents stand out. 

step-2 - gift wrapping

Just wrap your box traditionally 

step-3 - gift wrapping

I tied a simple knot with my ribbon. My mom does amazing big bows so I don’t even try to compete.

step-4 - gift wrapping

Now the fun part! Pick out sprigs to tuck behind the knot. You can use as many or as little and any color. I picked these up at the local craft store. 

step-5 - gift wrapping

Adding printed tags is a fun personal touch. And a lifesaver for a left-hander.

end-of-wrapping - gift wrappingThe final products! Add your own touch and have a colorful Holiday

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