KK Before | After: Cubbies

KK Before | After: Cubbies

As a mom who is also a designer, I often have a difficult balance to strike between beauty and function. I wanted white kitchen chairs with brass bases. Am I crazy you ask? Well, I am. But I settled on faux white leather that is wipeable, Clorox-able, pretty much indestructible while pulling off the aesthetic I was wanting.

Cubby Makeover

Recently the cubby area of our house was driving me a little crazy. With three kids it seems the gear never ends. Backpacks, shoes, footballs, hats, gloves, slinkies, the most random things in the world that they need and want to keep. So I decided some simple doors, some lucite pulls and a little more pizazz was needed in this very functional space of ours. Below are the details and how to get the look.

cubby area - before


cubby area - handles up close

Brass & Lucite Pulls – Etsy

Grey Otomi Wallpaper – Katie Kime

cubby area - after cubby area - after

Baskets – Target

cubby area - after cubby area - after

Solid Throw Pillow Hot Pink – Target


cubbies before/after gif

Photos by Kelsey Butler

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