Just Breathe

Just Breathe

I challenge you to do something that gets your body really moving.  

We hover over computers, over kiddos, over kitchen tables, and art, over papers, and patients.  When was the last time, you sat up straight, lengthened your back body?  When was the last time you not only took a deep breath in but stopped everything you were doing to do it and to hear it and to feel the air come in, travel through your being, expand your lungs and then rapidly escape?  Do it again, and try to have your exhale be longer than your inhale.  We too often walk through our days in a robotic way, going through the motions.  You have your to-do list, your schedule, another day has gone, another day here.  STOP.  BREATHE IN.  BREATHE OUT. STRETCH. SIT UP STRAIGHT.  Roll your shoulders up by your ears and back down.  Don't just fly through and read these words.  DO IT.  Tune in to your body for just one moment. Then if you can, head to an escape, whatever that looks like for you: maybe yoga, maybe a boxing rink, maybe a wakeboard, maybe a trail…GO.  Trust me, you need this more than you realize.  Especially in days like this season of rain, damp, dreary clouds.  

REVAMP, RECHARGE, SLOW DOWN.  BE PRESENT.  JUST BE.  Take a moment to truly marvel in this physical being that you (we) unfortunately take advantage of every day and maybe hardly even notice.  It really is a miracle.  We are.  


Today I chose yoga. Yoga is connecting with your breath and moving your body from the inside out, all the layers, like the Earth's core, layer by layer, twisting and BREATHING and detoxifying.  Have you ever realized that when you do a twist, it literally is like wringing out your organs like a rag? It detoxes and releases all the bad chemicals. It sends blood and circulation to that part of you that for too long has sat untouched, unmoved.

I love the analogy of my breath is like that of a rushing river winding through the deep walls of canyons, mountains, down waterfalls, creeks. We have this amazing, God-given body with layer upon layer upon layer of good stuff that not only makes you YOU but creates your essence, the wires, the intricate parts, the tiny spaces that no one sees. It's like looking at a car engine or a math problem. You don't know what every part is, but you know they are all needed to make that car run or to complete the equation. It’s just like all the tiny little wondrous limbs and muscles and bones and tendons and cells and organs.

Can you do something THIS WEEK that, from the very deepest part of your core – your physical being and soul – brings every single one of those elements together in harmony, almost in a dance, in a rhythm, moving as one, together, building strength and love and purpose and peace and happiness and maybe even struggle? Ultimately can you do something that allows or almost forces you to get out of your headspace;  to free yourself and allow yourself to just move? That’s it, just move…and breathe.  Just be…be present, with a clean slate in your mind, only hearing the soft rhythm of your breath like that of ocean waves running up to the shore in and out upon nightfall.  

Oh, if the whole world, stopped for a moment, just one moment, to give back to the body and breath that carries them and supports them throughout their day.

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