Island Girl

Island Girl

Currently on a plane to LA and reminiscing over the last 10 days spent in the Caribbean, I think I became a stronger believer in the old saying “the cure for anything is saltwater: sweat, tears or the sea.” With different friends and family rotating in and out over 2 islands (St. John and Tortola), over the 10+ days it was at times hectic – 6 kids under 9 for part of it. But overwhelmingly, it was restful and rejuvenating and inspiring. I’m always amazed at what vacation really does for me energy-wise. Even the root of the word “vacate” means to “make empty” to “leave or give up” and I think vacating our minds and our offices here and there yields far greater results than just a suntan. For me, I was reminded of the amazing new and old family I’ve been given and had my work vision refocused and reenergized as I was able to step outside the fray a bit and get a 30,000-foot view. The island drinks, pink roofs and vitamin D didn’t hurt either.





Cohoba House – our home away from home in Tortola


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