Introducing The Just Go Challenge

Introducing The Just Go Challenge

We’re excited to announce the Just Go Challenge. As some of you know travel is a lifeblood for me. It has been since I can remember. And it doesn’t have to be going to Greece or Amalfi or Africa. This weekend I’m going to the Possum Kingdom (yes for you non-Texans that’s a real place). And while it may be less exotic I know it too will feed my soul – a road trip with a best friend to celebrate another best friend turning 30. Texas margaritas on a lake and the laughter of girls still becoming women. Getting out of town, out of our routines and laying fresh eyes on new people and places opens us up. For me, even at something like a music festival last weekend in San Francisco I marvel at how many people there are in the world. How small I actually am as one person. How many stories and hurts and triumphs there are at all times walking around. No matter where I go if I just go somewhere I come back just a little better…


So, with summer winding down and a few more weeks to hit the open road before Fall sets in, we’re launching the Just Go Challenge. We’re challenging you to JUST GO somewhere… To the lake 30 minutes outside of your town. To Mexico. To see your mom who you haven’t seen in a while. On a road trip by yourself. Wherever, however. We challenge you to go somewhere you weren’t planning on going. We hope it’s just what the doctor ordered and pleasantly surprising.

While you’re there or planning it or on your way capture it on Instagram. Follow and tag our new Bright Living feed @kk_brightliving and use the hashtag “kkjustgochallenge”. The post with the best content (could be the pic, could be the story or what you experience during your trip) will win a $250 gift card to be used on any Katie Kime Merchandise. The challenge starts now and lasts until September 23rd (the first day of Autumn). The winner will be announced on Friday, September 25.

Throughout the challenge, we’ll be posting our own travels as well as travel diaries from contributors new and old of trips both past and present. We can’t wait to see where you end up. Ready, set, go!

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