Golden Globe DIY

Golden Globe DIY

Katie Kime DIY Gold Globe

One trendy home decor item I have recently noticed, and fallen in love with, is painted globes. They are the perfect bookshelf styling piece and can add character to a table or space. Despite loving the painted globes from places like Anthropologie, I just cannot bring myself to spend $100 on one, so for this week’s DIY, I’ve recreated a more budget-friendly version!

Supplies list:

Globe (I found mine at Marshall's for $25!)


Gold spray paint

Glossy sealer

White paint

Gold paint pen



First, start by taking the globe off the stand and sand the frame

Once the stand has been sanded down, spray paint the base (I usually do at least two coats, but it depends on the look you’re going for). Then leave to dry.

Now back to the globe, first I traced the outline of the Continents with the gold paint pen.

I then went back to the base and sprayed it with a clear, glossy sealer to prevent the spray paint from chipping and to add a little shine!

After tracing the continents and spraying the base, I put the globe back on the stand and painted the oceans white (you can do any color, though!). Since my globe was originally black I had to do two or three coats of white paint.

Once the paint dried, I retraced the outline of the continents just to make sure the gold outlines were clear.

Then let the globe dry and you’re done

There you have it! You have your very own painted globe for under $35, and even better you can personalize your globe to just how you want it to look.

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