Fabric Lamp Shade DIY

Fabric Lamp Shade DIY

In the new cottage, we have several areas that could benefit from some dramatic lighting. Unfortunately, we didn’t want to spend a ton of money to make a big impact. So while on a shopping trip to Ikea I saw some large white drum lamp shades and had the idea to cover them in some of our fabric. Being able to customize your own fabric lampshades and add trim and save some money sounded like a win-win for everyone.

Fabric Lamp Shade DIY Katie Kime


Fabric Lamp Shade DIY: The Supplies

Lampshades: NYMO – $34.99 lampshade 28”
Fabric: 1-3 yards of Katie Kime fabric (3 yards covers 3 lampshades with only one seam. If you only want to cover one lamp, one yard will do but you will have 2 seams)

Spray Adhesive
Glue Gun
Bias Tape for trim. 

Fabric Lamp Shade DIY

How To: The DIY part

Unroll lamp shade and place on top of the fabric

If you are using 3 yards cut 1 piece, if you are using 1 yard cut 2 pieces.

Each lamp is 87 3/8” x 15 3/4”

Fabric Lamp Shade DIY

Super hint here, take your lampshade outside to spray with the adhesive. The spray will mist everywhere and leave your house sticky. It needs a few minutes to get tacky anyhow so you have time. Make sure you spray the fabric side of the lampshade.

Attach the fabric to the lampshade.

Fabric Lamp Shade DIY

Cut the bias tape to the length of the lampshade and place it over the edge. This will help when gluing with the glue gun.

Glue the top side first.
Fabric Lamp Shade DIY

After you flip it over and start to glue the backside, cut notches around the little white clips. Continue on both sides till all of the trim is glued on.
Fabric Lamp Shade DIY

Attach the shade to the frame. Then cut a piece of bias tape and hot glue to cover the seam.
Fabric Lamp Shade DIYFabric Lamp Shade: The reveal

Hang your lampshade from a can if you have one. You can buy a pendant light conversion kit to screw right into the socket as we did here. Don’t you just love this look? And now to cover more in different fabrics for the other rooms in the cottage.

Fabric Lamp Shade DIY Katie Kime

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