Elizabeth Mollen's Killer Style

Elizabeth Mollen's Killer Style

I first bonded with Elizabeth Mollen, owner of Stone Textile, over Mexican and Margaritas at Benji’s when pulling out our wallets to pay, we saw that we were dealing with the same situation. Heaps of receipts and notes and business cards were spilling over onto the table but this time not just out of my wallet, hers too. We both, feeling the kindredness, burst into laughter. And ever since to describe or commiserate our creative-as-business-owner plight simply say or hashtag one word to each other: wallets.

As we’ve gotten to know each other we find more and more in common (not the least of which is both having Chocolate Labradoodles we are planning play dates for), and as much as I admire her design taste she’s also just the kind of girl you wanna hang out with. This month Tribeza featured her bungalow in their interiors issue and her stunning, detailed style. You can see her products here or inquires about design services. This spring she and I will debut a collaboration of furniture and accessories we’ve come up with together, playing on each of our strengths and tendencies, my bright pops of color and her vintage-modern, often neutral palette.







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