DIY Marble Ring Dish

DIY Marble Ring Dish

In the past year, I’ve started loving rings but have been driving myself crazy leaving them everywhere. I realized what I needed was an easy solution that also happened to be a perfect first DIY. So here goes!

Supplies list:

  • Fimo clay (I got white, black, orange, aqua, and pink!)
  • Gold liquid gilding
  • Small paintbrush
  • Butter knife
  • Rolling pin (or any round object like the spray paint can I used)
  • Small oven-safe bowls or something to help the molds hold the shape in the oven (I used the rim of a mason jar lid)









Steps to creating marble ring dishes:

  1. Cut small sections of the different colors of clay. I found that varying the size of the cuts helps.
  2. Roll each section of the clay until rolled into long, log-like sections
  3. Then twist all the sections together, so it forms a braid like section
  4. Roll this into a ball. Make sure that you can see all the colors on the outside of the bowl
  5. Then use your rolling pin (or whatever object you found!) to roll the section out flat
  6. Then use a round object to help you to cut out a perfect circle using the butter knife
  7. Place the clay circle into whatever you picked to help the dish hold shape
  8. Then place the dishes in the oven for the time specified on your clay packaged (I cooked mine at 230 degrees for thirty minutes)
  9. Once the dishes have cooled down completely, then use the gilding to paint the edge of the dishes gold

This project was super easy and I was pleased with the initial outcome but there were definitely things I would have done differently in retrospect. Next time I want to try different colors. Maybe some neon yellow and grey instead of black. I would also try to make sure the log like sections that I rolled in step two varied more in size. Hope that helps yours come out even better. Good luck with your DIY-ing!

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