DIY Easter Eggs with Gold Leaf

DIY Easter Eggs with Gold Leaf

Decorating Easter eggs is always one of my favorite family activities of the year. My love for DIY has definitely influenced my Easter egg design ideas. This year my obsession with gold led me to experiment with putting gold leaf on my Easter eggs. So, just in time for Easter here is an idea for decorating your Easter eggs this year.

Easter Egg diy KK


White Eggs (I only did six.)

Food coloring in any color you like (I used the gel food coloring.)

White Vinegar

Gold leaf (I got a pretty big pack from Hobby Lobby.)

Spray adhesive

Foam brush

Easter Egg diy KK


1. Begin by hard boiling your eggs.

2. While your eggs are boiling, boil a pot of water for the dye

3. Once your eggs are done cooking, let them cool so that they are room temperature

4. Put your food coloring into bowls with 2 tablespoons of white vinegar, and then add the water you boiled to your dye

5. Next color your eggs whatever color you wish!

6. After dying the eggs, let them dry completely

7. Now you're ready for the gold leaf, I sprayed my spray adhesive on the parts of the eggs I wanted to cover.

8. Apply the gold leaf carefully (Note it was more difficult to apply the gold leaf than I expected, so you have to be very delicate!)

9. Do any style or section you want!

Easter Egg diy KK


Good luck with your decorating, and Happy Easter!

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