Chat: Shannon Eddings

Chat: Shannon Eddings

Austin interior designer Shannon Eddings’s style feels both vintage and current at the same time. She knows how to put together a perfect gallery wall (we are swooning over the nautical themed masterpiece she created at the historic Carr Mansion in Galveston, Texas), she made us laugh during her appearance on an episode of HGTV House Hunters, and her East Austin home is filled with cleverly styled vignettes and downright good design moments around every corner. It’s where we caught up with her on a recent fall afternoon to find out about her favorite KK Paperie print (Seeing Spots or Xs), where she gathers inspiration for her whimsical work, and how she juggles a busy career (and three even busier kiddos).

 How do you keep your life organized?

I use notebooks for taking notes during client meetings, sketching, and general to-do lists. I use spreadsheets for tracking purchases and project management— I do swear by Google shared calendars and sheets. But for the most part, I stay pretty old school when it comes to organization and stick to paper. I have found that getting on my phone for notes and organization can be distracting as so much information is coming in and can be overwhelming. My notebook is easier to keep my lists and thoughts straight.

You were an art history major in college and have a great collection of books around your home. What’s currently inspiring you?

The last book I read was Imperfect Courage by Jessica Honneger. I finished it feeling really inspired to take risks. I recently revisited The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemmingway. His romantic imagery cannot be beat. Magazine wise I have been feeling very inspired by Elle Décor, especially when I can get my hands on the UK edition, and of course, Domino, always. Recently I have been stuck on two art books, one of Matisse’s work one of Cy Twombly’s.

What are your favorite design accounts to follow on Instagram?

I love following Chairish, Pierce and Ward, and I am really into the Accidentally Wes Anderson account.

What were the last great spaces you visited?

Last year we stayed at The Marlton Hotel in New York, and I am still dreaming about that place. I am really into spaces with a sense of history. In Austin, I really enjoy restaurants like Mattie’s and Rosewood, and The Contemporary at Laguna Gloria is an all-time favorite. And anything in Santa Fe!

What’s currently happening in design right now that you are loving?

I love rattan and woven textures. I am always into Turkish and Moroccan rugs. Hand-glazed tiles are a new love, murals, and velvet. For colors, I am loving a monochromatic look in a moody color, like green velvet curtains on an olive green wall.

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