Create your own (Big) Easy Weekend

Create your own (Big) Easy Weekend

New Orleans should be in the middle of Jazz Fest right now. But with the current state of the world, it too has been cancelled. But there's no reason not to bring a little of the Big Easy into your own weekend plans, no matter where you live. Below, we've found some of our favorite images of the unique city, created a custom Nola playlist and found authentic recipes to take you away (in your mind) to the The City that Care Forgot.

Feast on a Crawfish Boil 

Nothing says New Orleans like crawfish. These boils can seem intimidating but really don't need to be. As North Carolinian I tend towards what we can seafood boils and use more by way of crab lets, shrimp, etc. but the concept is the same. For the authentic crawfish version everything you need to know about hosting your own (with social distancing of course), you can find here

Grilled Oysters on a Big Green Egg - 

I've made these myself and can attest that they are one of the best things I've had in a long time. The only unexpected thing about this for me was needing to have them shucked at Whole Foods. They said to come back in about an hour. So something to keep in mind unless you're shucking them yourself. The recipe is here and I can't recommend it enough. 

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