Cheers to Charleston #TBT

Cheers to Charleston #TBT

Headed back to Charleston for the first time since stopping there in our traveling reception schedule. I’m excited to be back with Hampden for tomorrow’s Katie Kime Pop Up Shop!

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Last weekend our traveling reception hit Charleston to celebrate our marriage with five of my closest college friends and a few significant others. The unbreakable bond between this group of girls was formed when we lived abroad in Italy during our junior year of college. Since then our reunion rendezvous have spanned the country, even other countries and we’ve never not convened together for multiple nights per year since we graduated, ahem a few years ago… Like fine wine, they each only seem to get better with time and through marriages and divorces and job layoffs and parents getting sick and losing people we love in different ways and babies and (more babies on the way!), our friendships have at times ebbed and flowed but more often solidified and grown and deepened. What comfort there is in sitting on a southern front porch with women who know you as well as anyone and feeling so completely embraced and loved and known and feeling the same for them.

In addition to well, just a lot of talking and wine, we also reveled in Charleston’s thriving scene of restaurants, bars, shopping and design. I’ve always loved that city but it too seems to be getting better with age. Among the highlights: dinner at 5Church  which is quite literally an old church turned bar and restaurant, watching Duke beating Yale at Bay Street Biergarten, doing some serious damage at Hampden, one of the absolutely finest curations of fashion in the country, and our closing dinner at Sermets where we sipped martinis and laughed at each other’s idiosyncrasies and inappropriate jokes well into the night.



Above and below we all stayed at  Zero George, an idyllic bed and breakfast in the heart of Charleston with an amazing bar and restaurant for guests and non-guests alike.


Kettle corn-filled Duke bags as a part of the welcome baskets. It also included homemade cookies from King Street Cookies, Yeti cups of the boys, and so on…


Below, pre-dinner cocktails in Pia Pauro


En route to Charleston, in one day, I finished what is one of the best books I’ve read in years. Captivated, crying and inspired, the only way I know how to describe what this book was like for me is to say it made me want to be great. The way you want to be when you’re young and unadulterated and a little less certain about how hard life will actually be. It made me feel small and not that smart and not that challenged in all the best ways imaginable. And at the same time so incredibly equipped, as we all are, to impact the little plot of the world we’ve each been given but often fail to recognize in the way Paul Kalanithi did. Read it! It will not disappoint.


Image Via Cup of Jo

Charleston is also home of Indigo Market, a scavenger’s dream of Palm Beach chic meets regency meets Dorothy Draper. Also, a must-see when visiting. For a commercial project I’ll be designing there next year I fully intend to wreak havoc on this darling market.


Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 3.34.13 PM


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Below, then and now.


Main Image Image Via Long Island Lady


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