Camille Styles + KK Paperie

Camille Styles + KK Paperie

Camille Styles is one of our dearest Austin entrepreneur friends. Her wildly popular website is a source of daily inspiration for us that’s full of healthy lifestyle tips, beautiful recipes, and inspired entertaining tips. We stopped by her charming bungalow turned stylish studio to see which of our new paperie prints suited each member of her team best. Each one has a style all of its own, so we couldn’t wait to see which pattern spoke to them the most, how they personalized the designs with our monograms, and what we most look forward to is seeing how the ideas jotted down in these notebooks will be brought to life with stories for her thousands of readers, like us, to enjoy.

Camille Styles, Creative Director

Camille describes her style as casual and effortless, and we love that she chose the Safari print with a simple C monogram. “This print is on-trend, but also timeless,” she says. Camille is super tech-savvy and uses apps like Evernote to keep her busy life organized, but she always has a notebook on hand too—“The act of actually writing something down always fires up my creative juices!” she says. Her tip for keeping her office and desk space organized? Clear off the surface of your desk at the end of every workday.


Jenn Rose Smith, Art Director + Travel Editor

We are a big fan of Jenn Rose Smith’s enviable style—it’s glamorous meets surfer girl chic. Jenn Rose loves to wear anything with ruffles, sensuous fabrics and soft pieces that make her feel happy when puts them on. She chose the Saharan Sunset print with the modern monogram in black. “I love the pretty peach color and the luxurious amount of pages,” she says. She will be using it to sketch on her upcoming travels. “It’s fun to kill time on a plane by drawing, or to sketch out little details from the trip you want to remember,” she says.

Chanel Dror, Executive Producer

Chanel is Camille’s right-hand gal and has worked with her since she graduated college eight years ago. She can’t live without her notebook, which features a running to-do list of everything going on in her life. We love the combo she selected—the In Check journal with a 3D monogram style in mint. “I love that it’s just the right size to be able to take proper notes in, but still small enough to fit into just about any handbag!” she says. She oversees the production of all of Camille’s gorgeous photoshoots, and we love her personal style, which she calls “pretty simple with inspiration from urban street style trends.”

Megan Leihgeber, Production and Styling Assistant

We couldn’t agree more with Megan’s philosophy on the importance of a notebook—“Important tasks and notes get lost in emails, Word documents, and sticky notes. Having a notebook keeps it simple to remember what my priority for the day is. Plus, it’s so satisfying to physically check something off of my list! Megan picked the Out of Africa journal with the stripe monogram in yellow and orange. 

Katherine Fluor, Associate Editor  

Katherine’s style is both boho and comfortable, so the Monstera journal was a perfect fit for her. “It adds a fun pop of color and looks trés chic with my black Moleskine notebook that I use for lots of note-taking as well,” she says. “I also love that it reminds me of summer and warm, happy, fun times!”

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