Bell and Bird - Pink Enamel and Emerald Custom Ring

Bell and Bird - Pink Enamel and Emerald Custom Ring

bella and bird enamel ring katie kime
Bell & Bird specializes in curated 18th and 19th Century Jewels, as well as, Custom Jewelry.
Husband and wife owners, Cyrus and Rhianna Shennum enjoy the hunt for the lovely and the uncommon jewels that are hundreds of years old. Their evolving collection is carefully curated to be authentically antique while still referencing modern fashion.
When it comes to custom jewelry, like this Pink Enamel and Emerald Diamond Ring, the custom jewelry process is collaborative. It begins with a watercolor design or pencil sketch. And then through dedicated, classical jewelry techniques, mixed with modern methods, custom pieces are made to perfection for the intended wearer.

Visit Bell & Bird during store hours, though appointments are recommended.

Bell & Bird are located @ 26 Doors Shopping Center in Austin, Texas
1206 West 38th St. # 1102 • Austin, TX 78705

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