Austin X Fashion: Katie Kime

Austin X Fashion: Katie Kime

One of the things that I’ve come to find about entrepreneurship is that evolution and change is a constant part of it. The way you think things are going to go is never how they really do and as I’ve said before they are in my experience always both harder and better than you expect them to be… The demand for clothing within our brand has been one of those things. When I set out to build this I knew I wanted clothing to be a part of it but never imagined it would come to be our best-seller and that there would be the demand and response we’ve received for it. Such was the case with our first runway show during Austin Fashion Week. To see the designs come to life in this first full collection and the reception we received was pretty amazing. My team worked tirelessly to help me create the vision and it wouldn’t have happened without the whole KK team.

See the full video below (it may take a moment).

Katie Kime at Austin Fashion Week


Behind the Scenes at Katie Kime

Our Full Show Below

Photography and videos courtesy of Fashion X Austin, Austin Fashion Week 2016.

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