Adventures of the KK Truck

Adventures of the KK Truck

Katie Kime Truck - Adventures

About a year ago I (Katie), found this truck in Dimebox, Texas. It was bright red but in great shape and the perfect size for our very own delivery truck. Be it for rentals or deliveries we found ourselves at the U-haul store every week renting a van or truck. So I decided we should just have our own. We added a wrap in our honeycomb print and voila, our own branded delivery truck. Next, I’m hoping to upholster the walls of the truck, maybe add a chandelier and have it double as a moving boutique of sorts for pop-ups and events.


Most recently we delivered this birdcage stunner in metallic tie-dyed fabric to a new house in Tarrytown.

Stay tuned for its latest adventures and deliveries.

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