A Father's Day Letter

A Father's Day Letter

Dear B,

Today was a typical morning in our household, where you and I split the duties of delivering our children to their respective places of business for the day. I with the oldest who was off to her last day of Girl Scout camp and you had a date with the littlest for Donuts with Dads. This should have been an easy one but, as all moms probably have experienced, the little one wanted to be with me. Come on, seriously. How is this even a situation in which a tear-filled meltdown occurs? She gets donuts, she gets to give you the gift she has been excited about all week, and you will probably let her wear all of the ninja turtle clothes she owns. But no, alas, I found myself trying to detach a crying 4-year old from my leg in an attempt to leave the house be on time to camp.

It was later in the day, when I was thinking about Father’s Day, that I realized the statement “being a mom is the hardest job in the world” is not completely accurate. Okay okay, I was wrong, congratulations and Happy Father’s Day.  But in all seriousness, you, in fact, have one of the toughest jobs in the world and you work really hard at being a good Dad. Day in and day out you live in a household of women who demand so much of you,  who communicate in nonsensical ways, and in return, you expect very little. Thank you for being our rock, the quiet soul of our house, our support and coach, and, most importantly, putting up with coming in last place most days. And even though some of us may cry at the thought of eating donuts and hanging out with you, you never give up and always coming back for more. We love you and from the bottom of our hearts, you have surpassed any ideas I’ve ever had of what it means to be a good dad.  Happy Father’s Day.

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