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10 Week Race Reading Challenge

I said to my husband this weekend, “what an extraordinary time to be alive.” A global pandemic. More American deaths than the Korean and Vietnam war combined. Unemployment at its highest since The Great Depression. All converging into a country now at war over race and police brutality. At a time in history when it can all be caught, seen and commentated on via a technology also never before available.

I said going to bed one night, “I literally need to like watch funny videos of babies…something to bring some levity. Can you find some?”

And yet I am hopeful. Not in pollyanna way. In a what this quote is saying way. Creation of any kind, change, growth, healing, even love has never not been accompanied, perhaps even catapulted by the hard and dark and painful. A muscle has never been built without being torn, a child never born without painstaking labor. Businesses, relationships, personal growth. We all know in our life, like it or not, that this is the pattern of things. It seems to be the very pattern of all of life.

An extraordinary time to be alive indeed but I don’t think only because of the chaos and pain and loss but because what is possible as a result of it.

I like I’m sure many of you have watched the news, the feeds, and the lists of here’s what to do and who to donate to. I think all of those things can be helpful but for me personally a longer, deeper inquiry is needed.

Over 10 weeks I’m going to read 10 books on this topic and will do a review on each of them. This weekend I read White Fragility and will review it this week. Then next weekend I’ll read the next and review it the following week and so on. Anyone who wants to join feel free but me putting this out there means I have to do it. Here are the 10 I've chosen.

1. White Fragility

2. The Fire Next Time

3. Blindspot

4. Stamped from the Beginning

5. The New Jim Crow

6. How to be an Antiracist

7. Waking up White

8. The Color of Law

9. Just Mercy

10. Minor Feelings  

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